Modern Day Slavery: A $150 Billion Business

48120590.cachedHuman trafficking is the fastest growing means by which people are enslaved, the fastest growing international crime, and one of the largest sources of illegal profits. (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime). $150 billion: ILO report, “Profits and Poverty: The Economics of Forced Labour” (2014) available for download here.

According to the International Labour Organization, 21 million people around the globe are working under conditions of forced labour, the majority of whom are within the private economy.  Our mission is to put people before profit.  It’s that simple.

When you see the smiles of the children who have escaped the inhumane conditions they are forced to work under, and overcome the horrendous problems inflicted by human trafficking, how could one not be grateful for the grace by which these children have been rescued?

With knowledge comes responsibility. You cannot witness the conditions where some children have been shackled, beaten or tortured, and even murdered, and not take action.  It is possible for many of these children to have a future free from despair. It’s a valuable future.  It’s a future full of hope.  And I promise you, it’s a future that will make you proud.

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