Contact Us About The DeVry University Class Action Lawsuit

DeVry University Class Action Lawsuit Investigation

imagesLegal proceedings have been filed against DeVry Education Group, and its subsidiary DeVry University for possible false advertising under state and federal law. If you attended DeVry University, or have knowledge relevant to the investigation, please click here to contact us and fill out the brief form.

The Federal Trade Commission is suing DeVry for misleading consumers about the employment and earnings of its graduates in numerous radio, television, online and print advertisements with claims that 90 percent of DeVry graduates seeking employment land jobs within six months of graduation. FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez told reporters, “Many students incur significant financial expense to improve their employment opportunities upon graduation, so it’s especially important that educational institutions give prospective students the truth about whether their course will help them obtain the jobs that they want.”

The government takes this seriously and we do too. If the allegations are true, many of DeVry’s students who have taken out student loans could get debt relief if they have been defrauded.  The Department of Education has indicated it will consider erasing the federal debt of students who can prove a school used illegal or deceptive tactics in violation of state law to persuade them to borrow money for college. For more information concerning your rights and remedies, please click here to contact us and fill out the brief form.

Robert Teel purchases advertisements on search engines, social media sites and other websites. If you send us information, note that does not create an attorney-client relationship with the firm.

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